Saturday, April 02, 2011

Draw #2 Scotland-Sweden, Late Ends

END D#10: This is an engaging match. A short SW center guard sits angled on a SC rock in the twelve, with a SW rock buried on the button. SW guard, SC peel. SW guard. SC freeze to button. SW try to double the SC rocks, but jams and leaves SC just in front of the button. SC put up a long guard. SW try to draw between theg uards; Russ Howard is dubious. He is heavy and SC win.

END #9: On Brewster's last rock he faces a SW shot rock and another lying three behind some cover. Brewster's last rock overcurls, and Edin comes up short, getting one to tie.
SC 6 - SW 6

END #8: Relatively open end until SW misses a freeze to a SC rock and SC pick rolling toward cover. SW respond with a double that leaves them behind their own guard. SC pick it with Brewster's first rock. Edin draws behind cover. SC get to it and empty the house. Edin blanks.
SC 6 - SW 5

END #7: Loading up the house again. I cannot quite see what is up but SW just put up a guard so I guess they like the house. SC run back the guard. Missed a couple of shots. A series of runbacks. Edin's last shot wrecks on a guard. Brewster draws for three.
SC 6 - SW 5

END #6: Back to mutual freezing. SW clear many of the SC rocks leaving a SW center guard guarding two SW rocks backed by a SC rock. And a SC rock out on the twelve at the T line. SW hit the rock in the twelve, rolling to remain partly exposed behind a SW Corner guard (it was there earlier :-) ). SC hit it out and roll out. SC busts up thte combination near the button, getting rid of a SW rock. Edin draws behind the corner guard, but is exposed, though he has one of his rocks as backing. SC hit the front SW rock and stick on the button. Edin doubles and sticks for two.
SW 5 - SC 3


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