Saturday, April 02, 2011

Draw #2: Canada vs. Denmark, Second Half

How things change from end-to-end. Early in the sixth end, Canada made some ideal freezes to their own rocks, and Denmark missed some shots, leaving Stjerne (skip, Denmark) with only a long-shot attempt at a tick to keep Canada from stealing a bunch. But he missed the tick wide (flashed past it) and gave up a steal of 4! And then in the 7th end, Canada had strong position throughout the end, forcing Stjerne to make a spectacular run-back double to salvage one.

I love watching live curling! I get to shift focus from sheet-to-sheet and watch all sorts of action. There's never a dull moment. There have been some fun situations and some mighty fine shots on all the sheets.

Another two for Canada in the 8th end and handshakes. In the media scrum following the game, Stoughton said his big miss in the third end when he gave up a steal of three was just a case of the rock going much straighter than anyone expected. It sure did.
Canada 9, Denmark 5

Let me just add that after having watched today's draws, there are several teams that look quite formidable here. China defeated Germany, but both of them look very good. And the match-up between Scotland and Sweden has been so exciting, I cannot imagine those two teams won't be in the running the entire week.



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