Sunday, April 03, 2011

Draw #4: Canada vs Germany, First Half

The first end got off to a strange start as Germany put up a centre guard in front of Canada's centre guard, and the rest of the end unfolded from there. An early double led to an exchange of hits and a blanked end.

Two misses in a row by Hohne (Alternate, playing Lead, Germany) left Canada with a centre guard plus centre rocks in the top 12' and top 4'; Germany struggled to get back into the end as Canada split the rings, and Kapp was forced to draw for one. GE 1, CA 0 after two ends.

In the third end, Canada again split the rings with one rock behind a corner guard, leaving Stoughton with a hit and stay (anywhere in the rings) for two. GE 1, CA 2.

The fourth end began with the standard centre opening. Hohne again flashed, putting Germany on the defensive again. But a nice draw by Kapp (skip, Germany) around a centre guard plus two in the 4' salvaged one for Germany. Ge 2, CA 2.

It looked as if Canada had the advantage throughout the 5th end, but an across-the-rings double by Kapp split the rings for Germany, forcing Stoughton to draw for 1. GE 3, CA 3 at the break.



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