Sunday, April 03, 2011

Draw #3: USA vs Switzerland, Conclusion

Switzerland defeats the US, running them out of rocks in the tenth end.

End #10
SU throws their first two through the house. US puts up two guards on the centre line and one top 4' Hurlimann (2nd, SU) triples them all off, leaving the sheet empty. Guard, peel; guard, peel. etc. In the house, peel; SU ran the US out of rocks.

End #9:
Midway through the end, the Swiss have a rock on the button and a biter on the top corner 12' plus a corner guard (not on purpose, of course); US has a rock biting the back 8'. SU removes a guard AND the rock in the rings, and the US draws to the back 12'. SU peels another rock in the front, and the US draws to the side 8'. SU has an open rock biting the button, and the US has two on the side. SU ticks a bunch, but removes nothing, leaving a hit-and-stick for three, Fenson knocks the SU rock into one of his own and scores only 1. Not a great shot.
US 4, SU 6

The curling percentages have crept up as the game has progressed, but they are still low. After seven ends, Switzerland is curling a barely respectable 78%, and the US is curling only 69%.

End #8
. Standard opening again (SU to top 4', US corner guard, SU centre guard) but the US attempt to draw around the centre guard rubbed, setting up a series of hit-and-roll attempts. With two SU rocks in the rings, the US freezes to the SU rock in the back 8', which seems an odd decision. As expected, SU froze to that rock, and now it will be difficult for the US to score more than one. US freezes to the SU rock, and there are four lined up, all behind the t-line. SU freezes and is sitting on the pin, and Fenson can't move it. Steal of another for SU. [Update: in the post-game interviews, Fenson said he hadn't called for that first freeze; it was supposed to be a draw, but that shot drifted back and froze, and so then the exchange of freezes couldn't be stopped after that. He was a really nice interview.]
US 3, SU 6



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