Sunday, April 03, 2011

Draw #4: Canada vs Germany, Second Half

End #10: Canada is up two coming home without the hammer. They put two in the top of the house, while Germany has a corner guard. The rings are getting full, and it might be difficult for GE to score more than one. CA lies two, with others in front of them, and Mead puts up a guard to forestall a tap-up attempt by GE. Herberg runs a double tap, leaving Canada lying two still, but not nearly so well protected, as GE has two rocks in the rings that can be run back to remove the CA stones. Mead removes one of those possible run-backs, and then Herberg doesn't quite make the runback with the other.

Stoughton runs the only GE rock in front of the t-line back between two CA rocks. Canada lies two or three and one has some backing. Time out. The GE coach goes out and laughs at the situation. There might be a really intricate thin triple to score two. But he doesn't make it. Canada steals one in the 10th to win 7-4

End #9:
Centre guard from GE, but Canada puts one in the back of the 4', a non-standard opening. A second centre guard from GE, and CA draws to their own rock. GE tries to draw into the button but ends up with a tight corner guard. CA peels one of the centre guards. This end, Mead makes a near double, peeling one and moving the other GE rock out to the edge. An imperfect double attempt on Mead's second rock leaves Germany shot in the back 4', with Canada having two more rocks even farther back. Kapp freezes to the Canadian stone that is 2nd shot, to lie two. Stoughton tried to double them off, but just moved them. Kapp has a hit to lie three, but loses the shooter, still forcing Stoughton to draw to the 4' for one. He takes no chances and hits and sticks for one. GE 4, CA 6

End #8:
Standard centre opening again. Again Canada has the rings split, which makes it difficult for Germany to score more than one., and so Stoughton has Carruthers (2nd, Canada) peel Germany's corner guard. But then Mead tripled off Canada's stones.... a serious miss, to put it mildly. And then Mead hits but rolls to the back 12'. What's with him, anyway?? Stoughton nearly salvages Canada's advantage, but then Kapp makes a stupendously difficult double to split the rings for Germany. And THEN, Stoughton makes an even more stupendously difficult double to split the rings back for Canada, forcing Kapp to draw for one. WOW, what a couple of shots! GE 4, CA 5

- - - -
The arena is nearly as full this afternoon as it was yesterday during Canada's games, but one can reasonably expect a lower turnout this evening when Canada won't be playing. However, there will be four games going, so there'll be lots to watch still.
- - - -
End #7: Standard centre opening. As the end unfolded, Canada had two in the rings behind a centre guard, but Herberg ran the guard back, removing it and one of Canada's stones. But then Mead hits and rolls to split the rings. After a hit-stick by Kapp, Stoughton chose not to hit-stick himself (presumably to avoid setting up a double) but drew to the other side of the rings to lie two. Kapp hits shot rock and rolls out to leave a draw to the 8' for two for Canada. It was a bit heavy but barely stuck around to remain second shot. GE 3, CA 5.

End 6: The initial attempt at a standard opening went awry when the German attempt at a corner guard drifted into the rings. Mead (Vice, Canada, who isn't curling anything like the way he curled at the Brier) missed a hit and roll, allowing Germany to split the rings. But then Herberg (Vice, Germany) completely missed a hit, leaving Canada lying one with a chance to hit to split the rings themselves, with three stones well-spaced across the rings at the t-line. Phenomenal draw around a tight centre guard by Kapp to force a measurement and take one. GE 3, CA 3 after 6.



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