Sunday, April 03, 2011

Draw #5: Another scan across the sheets

  • The US took about 5 minutes to look at how they could avoid giving up a steal of three to Sweden in the 5th end, and then Fenson was quite wide with his shot. This happened with him this morning, too. But the upshot is that the US will be short on time should the game go 10 ends, and they trailed 7-1 after 5 ends, 7-2 after 6 ends. It's too bad. The US fans have brought along lots of cheers and bells and costumes, and they're much more fun when they have something to cheer about. But at the break, instead of cheering, they just went and bought beer. Good choice. Sweden drew for 4 in the 7th, and the US shook hands. I'm not sure quitting that early is allowed, but they did it.
  • The Czech team is hanging tough. They blanked the fourth end and then made a gentle tap out to score two in the fifth and lead China 6-2 after 5, and 6-3 after 6. After one particularly amazing shot in the 6th end by Snitil, the Czech skip, Alan exclaimed, "These Czechs! Who are they??" [the shot involved barely missing a guard to punch the China shot stone through a small port at the back of the rings.
  • Scotland is still dominating Switzerland. The Swiss blanked the 6th end and were forced to take one in the 7th, trailing 6-3.
  • So far as I can tell, only some players from Sweden (2 or 3, I can't tell for sure) and China (2) are curling with their shirts not tucked into their pants. None from any of the other teams are. As the tournament progresses, we'll keep you posted on this second vital fashion statement (of course the pants are first).



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