Sunday, April 03, 2011

Draw 5 - Norway - Germany, Later Ends

END #7: Ulsrud's attempt to bury behind two GE rocks in front of the T does get cover but quite deep. It is hard to see how NO can sscore two here. GE put up a center guard. Ylsrud draws to the button for one.
GE 8 - NO 4

END #6: A quick glance at CurlCast shows NO's shooting percentages just higher than GE's, after being well behind early, consistent with my intuitive observation in the last end report. The big problem is that Kapp is outcurling Ulsrud by 10 percentage points. With a couple of guards out front, NO is burying better than earlier, but not out of the reach yet of GE. Finally they do and GE double off the guards and roll out. NO guard leaves the rock in the house slightly exposed. GE hit it and stay, exposed. NO hit but do not roll far enough to get cover. GE hit and roll too far. NO bury on the button behind a NO center guard and a GE rock in the eight. GE put a rock beside it. Ulsrud angle-freezes to that but not as intended. GE exploit that small error by doubling o ut the NO rocks. GE get 3. That end looked almost all right for NO until the skip rocks. The skip curling percentage gap is not 12 points.
GE 8 - NO 3

END #5 : Germany make some key doubles to thwart every NO effort to get multiple stones in play. Ulsrud in the end needs a modereately good shot to bump up a rock to shot to score one. It's not a matter of the sort of misses earlier, but Norway are just not getting rocks buried or frozen as they want.
GE 5 - NO 3


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