Sunday, April 03, 2011

Draw #5 : Norway - Germany Early Ends

Norway has been having more trouble than anticipated, squeaking by Korea with a asequence of steals extending into extra ends, and losing to the Czech Republic. Germany is off to a disappointing start, having lost their first two matches.

Germany have the initial hammer.

END #4: NO continue to be thwarted by shots coming short or long. missed freeze attempts. After Ulsrud's first rock NO is shot and open and GE have a shot in the back twelve. In hte end (I got distracted) GE get 2.
GE 5 - NO 2

END #3: By skip stones NO have three rocks in the house, and there are no guards. Kapp doubless two out, and stays. Ulsrud hits and stays. Kapp hits and leaves a biter. Ulsrud draws for two.
GE 3 - NO 2

END #2: GE go to the button and then there follows a long dance about guards; finally NO runback a GE centerguard and double out the rock in the house. A GE draw around what is now a NO center guard wrecks and sits wide open in front of the house. NO punch it out and sit. GE punch that one out and may remain a front biter off to the side. NO come through the whole but not fully behind cover. GE freeze to it. NO bounce off a guard behind cover of another of their guards. Kapp now whacks the frozen pair and splits his rocks behind cover, pushing away the last NO rock. Wow! NO miss a freeeze and run deep. They may be second shot. GE guard the hole in the center. I am not sure what NO meant but they hit two guards and do not get to the house. GE steal 2.
GE 3 - NO 0

END #1: After establishing some guards both Norway and Germany play mostly in the house; there's a front NO guard and then lined up GE, NO, NO, GE in a column in the house with the second NO rock shot. Kapp's first rock is a perfect in-off to occupy shot position (removing the second NO rock), and make the first GE rock second shot. NO does an in-off and punches out a GE rock; GE remains shot but may still also be second. Kapp wrecks on the front guard. Measurement time! Secondshot NO.
GE 1 - NO 0.


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