Sunday, April 03, 2011

Draw 5 - Norway - Germany, Final Ends

END #10: If I had not seen the Korea-Norway match I would never have believed we would be here now! Actually, I did not believe it and I had seen that match. NO put up a guard and GE chip but leave their rock out front. NO put up a long center guard. GE peel their own rock. NO come to the top of the house behind the guard. GE peel that guard. NO replace the guard. GE peel it. NO replace. GE peel. NO guard. GE hit teh NO rock in the house and sit at the top of the twelve. Skip rocks. Ulsrud draws to the four-foot, somewhat exposed. GE taps it back and sits open in the four. Ulsrud calls for the coach and the clock is stopped at 2:44. Ulsrud hits and rolls slightly under cover. Kapp just hits and moves it enough to win.
GE 9 - NO 8

END #9: Skip curling percentage difference is down to 6 points after Kapp's miss. After some guarding and hitting NO have a rock in the four foot behind two GE guards. NO angle a rock in front of the guards to prevent runbacks. GE attempt on that rock misses badly and merely moves one of their guards over. Ulsrud puts a rock right on his rock in the four. Kapp wants to get at them. He gets one. Ulsrud comes to the four, covered. (A comment from Doc makes me note that NO have big time pressure on them.) Kapp goes very slightly long on his draw and NO steals one.
GE 8 - NO 8

END #8: After seven ends the difference in skip curling percentages is now 18 points. NO making most of its early shots and GE has a small miss. NO have a rock in the front four foot under cover of a NO center guard. NO guard (the rock in the house is partly exposed), GE peel. Guard replaced. Peeled. Guard attempt comes too deep and GE peel the front guard. Two GE rocks in the twelve on the T partially under cover and two NO rocks on the center line in front of the T (well in front). NO put up a guard. GE run the front guard back but only manage to move the front NO stone over to the GE rocks in the twelve. Ulsrud puts a NO rock in the twelve in front of his in the four. Kapp comes up way short and NO steals three!
GE 8 - NO 7



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