Monday, April 04, 2011

Draw #8: Still More Observations

The Koreans are giving the Czechs a VERY hard time, keeping lots of their own stones in play in front of the t-line and still removing a lot of Czech stones. For excitement and lots of stones in play, this has been the fun game to watch this evening.

At the same time, the US Canada game has been an exercise in cautious, workmanlike play and conservative strategizing. Excellent curling (Stoughton is curling 96% after 7 ends!) but not so much fun to watch as some of the other games. That having been said, I think everyone in the arena now has the sense of, "Hey, the US might be able to win this game!" In the 8th end, the US advantage forced Stoughton to draw for one. Canada will be lucky to win this one.

And on sheet B, contrary to most people's expectations, Korea scored 3 more in the 8th to defeat Czech 10-5.

Going into the last ends,
  • Canada had the US on the ropes for much of the 9th end, forcing a runback peel from Fenson, and then forcing a draw from him, but his draw was about 6" too deep, and Canada stole one. The US is down one, but has the last rock in the last end.
  • Switzerland scored three in the 8th and Denmark blanked the 9th. Switzeland leads 8-6 and appears to be trying to run Denmark out of rocks.
  • Norway scored two in the 9th to tie France, but France has last rock in the 10th end.
SU does indeed run DE out of rocks and wins their game. But Denmark gave 'em a good run.

But the other two games will go down to the last rock and maybe extra ends.



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