Friday, February 10, 2012

The Dominion Tankard (Ontario Men's Play-Downs)

I've been watching the Ontario Men's Play-Downs, aka the Dominion Tankard and have some observations:
  • First, this may be too late or irrelevant for many of you, but Rogers TV is telecasting it on their digital channel (470 in my area) even though they are telecasting OHL on their primary channel.
  • What a coup for Rogers: they have Mike Harris (the curler, not the politician) doing colour. Many of the people who do Rogers work are volunteers, but I'd wager he gets an appearance fee.
  • The co-announcer, Jerry _____, sounds exactly like Tyler Cowen to me.
  • Glenn Howard's rink has been well ahead of the field, though far from perfect.
  • In general the curling, while interesting and enjoyable, is nothing close to the quality of curling at The Brier or the World's.
  • It was nice to see there were no doormats this year. Every team there will have had at least three wins.



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