Friday, April 08, 2005

Canada vs. Norway - End 3

Rocque's second stone for Canada was a nice draw around the centre guard, snuggled up to a Norway stone next to the button, but it was followed by a Norwegian stone frozen right up to Canada's rock.

No more complaining about Pfeifer, please! a terrific double through the port to take out the two red rocks in the rings. But Norway followed with another freeze to the button. And then a tough rub with Pfeifer's second stone when the sweepers may have been called off a tad too early. A nice in-off by Norway set up a double opportunity for Canada, but Ferbey went for the hit-and-roll instead; nice flop! Nice run-back by Trulsen, but it left a shot for Canada.

Oops, a pick and a rub for Ferbey's second shot set up another run-back double for Trulsen, but he was just off the nose. Nice sweeping by huff & puff got Nedohin's first rock far enough into the 12s for second shot. Another run-back double possibility for Trulsen, but he opted for a take-out of the shot rock, leaving a difficult hit and stick for Nedohin. He made it.

Norway 2; Canada 2


At 4/08/2005 7:01 p.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

OK I admit I indirectly complained about Pfeifer in some of the games described above - but he did make some very bad shots - who knows why. He sure looked good, though, in the match that got Canada here.


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