Friday, April 08, 2005

Canada vs. Norway - End 5

Amusing that just as the announcers say "another full house", the tv shot shows about ten empty seats. And then during the leads' stones, we see Ferbey's eyes closed and then he rubs them a bit. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Canadian team has done a LOT of curling this season, and many people suspect they are tired.

After the leads' and seconds' rocks, Norway sat three. Ferbey took out two and was shot. Norway nosed the Canadian rock, leaving a hit and roll for Ferbey. Trulsen nosed the expose shot, followed by a nose of his rock by Nedohin.

Alan's comment is right: the shot-making has been superb so far.

Norway left two in the outer 12 that couldn't be removed, so Nedohin drew for one (great sweeping, again), leaving the game tied.

Norway 3; Canada 3. Norway has the hammer after the break.


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