Sunday, December 03, 2006

Howard-Ferbey - Opps, Sorry

Sorry - Ferbey took one in the seventh end, which I missed.

And Howard wins with one back in the eighth with a fairly open hit after Nedohin slightly misses a freeze.

Overall, just great shooting and some nice tactics, though mostly early in the match.


I am much more impressed with their technology this year.

But I do not they are on very significant time delay on this Howard-Ferbey match.

Well, actually, maybe not - their scoreboard is but the direct coverage seems right.

UPDATE: About one shot behind on the TV stuff.

Howard-Ferbey - end three

Unbelievable shot from Howard team that removes all the red rocks, leaving the yellow interloper intact. Kevin Martin, in the CBC coverage, comments, "Oh that was a terrible error, he left a quarter-inch of that rock exposed." (That was a joke.)
I have said it before - Martin has matured a lot. I recall an utterly appalling World Championship between him and a Scottish Smith team (am I right?). He was awful - using corn brooms inappropriately, and chewing out the rest of his own team for what were as likely his own errors. We do not see that in the same way now.
Down to the last couple of rocks now. Ferbey giggling and consulting with Nedohin. "This is a rather critical moment." Seemed to work out, Howard can try to set up finishing with three. Well, that shot won't do it. Back in a couple of shots.

Later - Howard makes a great shot - Nedohin trying something daring. Brilliant outcome, though Howard has a shot at 2 and it thinking about 3. Ooops - 4! Very risky shot. Howard gets one - close call. 3-2 Howard after 4 ends.

Fifth end - Howard forces Ferbey to take 1, thanks to a first-shot error by Nedohin.

Sixth end - a couple of misses late in the end and Howard takes 1. 4-3 Howard.

Howard-Ferbey - part un

I was in non-digital country last night so am really appalled I did not get to see the great match Doc cdescribes below.

On the other hand, 2 ends at 2-2 between (Glenn) Howard, vs Ferbey. This could be brilliant! And only eight ends (I am thankful for this idea but open to debate)!

UPDATE: Howard uses the first rock to play the chess move of putting a rock where it forces Nedohin to leave the house off clearing it, and puts a rock through the house at the end. Still 2-2.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

CBC Blows It.... AGAIN!!

I can't believe it! There's a great curling match going on between the Furbey and Martin rinks, and it's being shown on CBC's barely existant, "Country Canada". Well, okay, it's not the final of the Brier or anything, so I can accept that it isn't being shown on a major channel.

But here is what really disappoints ... irritates....angers me:

The match has been going on for over twenty minutes and the sound is STILL F***ed up! It's as if someone put a mike 7 feet away from all the announcers, and turned off their lapel mikes. And what's worse, nobody seems to have noticed or done anything about it!

This is the network our tax dollars support??? Sheesh.