Sunday, March 25, 2007

Canada-Denmark 8th End

Joan McCusker points out that Denmark were similarly down four rocks late against Scotland yesterday, and came back to win. Those DuPonts can be very effective.

But at the moment Canada is cleaning Danish rocks out of the house; there are four Canada rocks now in the house, all ibut one n front of the T-line. No Danish rocks are to be found anywhere in play. Denmark tosses a rock into the house, and Sacha Carter removes it, and, even better, the one Canadian rock behind the T-line.

Denmark try to freeze to Canada's shot rock in the 4-foot, but there is separation and Canada clears that rock with no problem. It is a crowded house with many Canadian rocks, but it is not clear how Denmark can exploit this. Denmark put a rock in the front of the house (removing two Canadian rocks), and Scott, very aggressively, draws into the four-foot behind the Danish rock.

Madeleine DuPont makes a tremendous shot, removing two Canadian rocks from the four-foot, and ending up shot, and behind the cover of one Danish rock and a Canadian rock. Who are these DuPonts?

Scott makes an utterly perfect run-back, and clears the Danish shot rock.

Madeleine DuPont is forced to draw for one, which she barely makes. Canada 7-4 with the hammer.