Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Picks for the World's Men's Championship

Alan and I both picked Jennifer Jones of Canada and her rink to win the 2008 Ford World's Women's Championship, and we also both had some pretty good ideas about who the challengers would be. I was pretty far off in some major respects, though:
  1. I didn't think either China or Japan would have progressed as fast and as far as they have.
  2. I really expected the US to be better than they were.
  3. I was intrigued to see that a team of three players (Scotland on the last day of the round robin) would be allowed to play without forfeiting, and I was equally intrigued to see that they could win. I wonder if the three of them could maintain that energy and exertion for an entire round robin.
On to the Men's championship.
  1. First, and this will not be the last time I say this, I'm sure: I'm am more than a little distressed that CurlTV will be there and will be webcasting games for the rest of the world to watch, but we will not be able to receive those games in Canada.
  2. I'm picking Canada and Kevin Martin's rink to win the championship. They have looked really strong all year, and even if they are five percent off their game, they should still have a good chance of winning.



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