Sunday, February 07, 2010

2010 Scott Tournament of Hearts - Final, Part II

PEI is out-curling CAN 78% to 76% (not a big difference). The lowest percentage so far is Cathy OC at 59% (some of which is due to a pick in the first end). The skips are both curling at 84%.

End #5: CAN opens having Askin (CAN lead) put one on the top 8. Affleck (lead, PEI) answers with a corner guard that drifts very tight to the rings. Askin puts her 2nd rock top 12. Affleck tried a double, removed one, and drifted toward the corner guard. Officer over-curled and nudged the pei rock behind cover. PEI splits the rings in the back 8. Officer tries an impossible double and rolls to the button. Nose hit on that stone by O'Rourke. It strikes me that a nose hit is almost never good except for the hammer. Cathy OC returns the favour with a nose hit. Ramsay hits and rolls away from the other PEI rock in the rings. Nose hit by Cathy OC. Hit and roll even farther away by Ramsay. Jones hits and rolls a foot, wide open. Nose hit by Carmody to lie two. Jones would like a hit and long roll to corner freeze on the other PEI rock. About an eighth of an inch thick and rolled past the PEI rock. Linda says Jones and CathyO were calling different shots, one a freeze and one a double. Carmody draws for 2.
PEI 4, CAN 3. and at this stage do you think either of these teams can win gold at the Worlds?

Note to CCA and CurlCast: it is REALLY, REALLY annoying to have a bunch of crowd noise coming through my speakers when all I'm trying to do is look at curling percentages!

End #6: Speaking of curling percentages, PEI is out-curling CAN at every position through the first half of the game. Overall 81% - 75%. That's odd: TSN says the curling percentages are 80% - 76%.
PEI puts two in the rings, CAN a corner guard. But then Jones asks Askin to double off the PEI rocks, but she gets only one. Miss by Officer, leaves PEI well set, but O'Rourke is light. Officer doubles the guards. Centre guard by Ramsay, protecting the PEI rock that's biting the button. CathyO is thin, loses her shooter but doesn't quite remove the PEI stone. Ramsay draws too deep, leaving PEI with two in the back 12. Cathy O draws to the back 8 (too deep). Beautiful draw/freeze by Carmody bumped a bit but completely buried. Jones is wide with her freeze attempt and PEI is still shot. Another beauty draw by Carmody to bite the button, just clearing the guard. Jones has to draw to the button with some backing to salvage one, but despite the backing, she is light, giving up a steal of two.
PEI 6, CAN 3

End #7
The PEI rink has made me eat my words before, and it looks as if they might again. If they were to curl this well (especially Carmody) in the worlds, they'd have a good chance of medaling. But they still have to win this one to get to the worlds. So far, Jones seems perplexed. So does CathyO.

Once again a tonne of PEI rocks in the rings and failure by CAN even to establish guards.

... a tonne of personal stuff interrupted. But it sure looks as if PEI is dominating this end. Jones overcurls slightly and over-rolls with her first shot, leaving PEI sitting 2. Carmody's draw to the top 8 is a bit light, but PEI is still sitting 3. Jones has the hammer but must settle for a draw for one.
PEI 6, CAN 4

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