Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I predicted a good fate for Murdoch in the Olympics, and against my principles.
My principles look pretty good now, as neither Scottish Great Britain team has distinguished itelf much, despite being all-star selections.
The women's team does not even make the playoffs, and the much-vaunted men's team seems now on the verge of losing a tiebreaker, and thus will not make the playoffs.
Bureaucratic meddling with team formation is not so likely to produce good results. I feel good about that principle, and wish I had believed in it more when making my predictions. (BTW I do not know whether all the other countries are actually bureaucratically selected all-star teams - I know only that Canada's team is not.)
And we're only at five ends in.


At 2/24/2010 8:26 p.m., Blogger hooper said...

The American teams were not all-star builds, and they also performed well under expectations. It seemed to me that the US and GBR teams were the big disappointments and that the teams that made the playoffs in their place did so more out of necessity than out of stepping up themselves.

Certainly it seemed more important to not hurt yourself than to necessarily perform above your average. Canada (either team) never hurt themselves. The women in particular didn't stand out, but they just never made big mistakes.

I'm a very lowly club curler, so when I skip, I simply try to make the other team make shots and wait for their mistakes. Sometimes it's really nice to see that the same logic applies to the best teams too. :-)


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