Friday, March 25, 2011

TieBreaker Final Ends

END #7: To my astonishment I look up and see a house that is clearly the result of aggressive play by CAN. SUI clear out all the CAN stones and have a bunch sitting in the house. Kim Schneider cleans up a bit. Ott's first rock leaves CAN with a hit and stay to lie two, as they do. Ott's last rock hits and rolls way too far, leaving Holland an open draw to the eight-foot for two. She makes it but nearly goes long, rubbing on one of her own rocks to slow the shooter enough.
CAN 7 - SUI 3

END #8: After putting opening rocks into the house, CAN is back to peeling merrily. Holland's first shot misses a vital chip shot. Ott hits and stays to sit three. Holland needs a double to keep the end under some control. A miss makes four possible for SUI. She gets one but rolls away, leaving SUI an open draw for three. Which Ott makes. This game is on again!

Russ Howard observes that if CAN win this, the Holland rink will have won nine straight sudden-death games, combining the Saskatchewan playdowns, the Scotties, and this tournament.

END #9: Holland doubles and stays on her first rock. Her rock is alone in the house. CAN blanks.
CAN 7 - SUI 6

As a side observation I note that I have not heard the word 'Hurry' this whole match. Holland and Schneider call like the men at the Brier, and I don't know Schweizerdeutsch well enough to know how Ott and Schaefer call.

END #10
: CAN miss an early tick attempt, leaving two SUI center guards. One CAN rock in the house (front four, covered). SUI freeze attempt bounces to the side and open, lying shot. CAN peel the front guard. SUI puts up another guard. CAN peel both guards. SUI guard their rock, but it comes pretty deep and CAN try a double. Instead they remove their own rock and roll out. Big problem now! SUI put up a second guard. Schneider gets the front two and stays out in front. SUI rock in the house is now open. SUI guard. Holland peels it and in the process also removes her own guard on the other side, opening that path. SUI coach comes out. Ott's biter guard attempt comes up well short, leaving Holland a draw to the four-foot (it has to get decently in there) for one. And it is on the button.
CAN 8 - SUI 6

Canada advance to the 3-4 Page playoff tomorrow.

Rule changes are funny. Almost every team calls 'Time Out', even though the rule has been changed and consultation with the coach is on the clock.



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