Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Draw #11: The Battle of the Unbeatens,
the early ends

Draw 11 features Canada vs. Scotland. Both teams come into the game with perfect 6-0 records. But they are very different teams. It will be fun to see how the play evolves between these two teams with their different styles and backgrounds.

Through their first six games, Canada has curled 85% (ranked 1st) and Scotland has curled 81% (ranked 5th). Also, if Scotland finds itself needing precise draws from their skip, Brewster, they may have a bit more trouble if his draw percentages (64%) are any indication.

It was fun to see Scotland come into the arena wearing RoughRider jerseys. And Team Canada had their Green and White jackets on.

End 1. Standard corner guard opening; Canada has the hammer. Canada has a rock on the button, Scotland has two in the 4', and there are others in play, too. Mead (vice, CA) is a couple of inches short with his draw to the button, but Brewster is a touch short, too. Stoughton's a bit wide with his tap, leaving Canada shot but Scotland second shot, all around the button. Brewster double taps, raising a SC rock into the shot rock and moving it back off the button. CA may be shot, and they might have a chance to score a few. But at the same time, they could give up a steal. Stought opts for a runback of Scotland's centre-line guard. He makes it and scores two. CA 2, SC 0.

End 2. It is fascinating to watch Stoughton and Brewster chatting together at the back of the house. We don't see that often. What a crowd! About as many as were here for the opening draw. Add to that the general rip-roaring spirit inspired by all the green (makes me think of Rider games) plus the fun from the Scots fans who enjoy singing and chanting (reminiscent of European soccer games), and there's lots of good fun and noise.

Canada has three rocks on the centre line in the top of the house; Scotland has one in the side 12'. Andrews (2nd, SC) removes one CA rock and rolls to the side, but not far enough to guard their rock in the rings, which Carruthers (2nd, CA) removes with a hit and stick. But then Andrews doubles off the other two CA rocks in the rings.

Through it all, Canada splits the rings leading up to skips' stones. But Stoughton lets SC off the hook when he hits and rolls out with his first stone. In turn, Brewster hit and rolled out, too, leaving an opportunity for Stoughton to draw behind a corner guard, but he is mostly open, so Brewster can hit and roll out to blank the end. Instead, he decides to draw (Oops, remember what I wrote above) and comes up light. Steal of one for Canada. CA 3, SC 0



At 4/05/2011 10:12 p.m., Blogger thenelsons@pinawa said...

Thanks for this commentary - I sure wish I was in front on a tv, but you are helping me enjoy the game...

At 4/06/2011 2:33 a.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

Thanks! We do this mostly for ourselves but it is really great to know someone else is getting something out of these efforts.


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