Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Draw #9: Commentary

As is readily apparent, I find it difficult to keep up with even sketchy play-by-play descriptions. So far, into the third end on all sheets, Norway is still struggling, this time against Switzerland, and China is being only slightly out-played by Scotland. Meanwhile on the other two sheets, Sweden is still looking very strong against Germany, whose performance seems more variable than most teams other than, perhaps, the US. ... speaking of whom, their matchup against the Czech Republic is shaping up to be a fairly evenly matched game so far.

After four ends, China is playing Scotland very tight, forcing them to take one in the second and fourth ends, with the score only 2-1. The curling percentages indicate that Scotland is seriously out-curling China, but it doesn't look that way from where I sit. Maybe it's just that I have seen some excellent shots from China and some not-so-excellent shots from Scotland.

One problem with trying to watch so many games at once: I completely missed what happened when the US scored 5 against Czech.

At the midway point, China is still curling very well against Scotland; the percentages may not show that, but they are tied at two not just as a result of luck.

Norway is still struggling against the Swiss, who deuced twice and stole one. The back end of SU is curling consistently well this morning.

And the US is having an up day against Czech, leading 6-3 with the hammer after 5 ends. The back end of the US team isn't doing all that well, but back end of Czech is considerably worse.

Finally, the game between Germany and Sweden is well behind the others. Edin (SW) just made an exciting angle raise take-out to lie four, forcing Andy Kapp (GE) to draw for one; GE leads 5-3 without the hammer.



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