Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Pick Finland to win the Men's 2006 World Curling Championship

Who will win the Men's 2006 World Championship of Curling? It was a difficult pick (and remember I, along with nearly all the other pundits, was wrong about the Brier).

Here are the probabilities I attach to each team's winning the tournament. You will see from these numbers how little confidence I have in picking Finland to win:

Finland 20%
USA 18%
Canada 17%
Scotland 16%
Sweden 14%
Germany 8%
Norway 6%
the others 1%

Menard, Skip of Team Canada, will have his hands full, I'm sure. And you can bet I'll be cheering wildly for Team Canada, even though I haven't picked them to win.

By the way, if you want to watch a dozen or so games from the round robin, via the internet, sign up this weekend for a week of CurlTv. The weekly rate makes it a pretty good deal. My wife and I subscribed last month, and it seems to work out reasonably well (see here and here). They will be broadcasting the first draw at 9am on Saturday.


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