Sunday, April 02, 2006

Low Curling Percentages as Canada Loses to Australia in Draw 3

For the first six ends of the Draw 3 match between Canada and Australia, it looked like textbook curling for Team Canada as they gave up 1, took 2, gave up 1, took 2, etc.

But in the sixth end, Canada missed more shots and the Aussies began missing fewer shots, and Canada was forced to take one. In the 7th, Australia stormed back, scoring 3 (and would have scored four if Millikin had made a fairly easy draw). Then Canada was again forced to take only one in the 8th, and Australia took 2 in the 9th, leaving Canada down two with the hammer coming home in the 10th.

After Millikin missed a take-out with his first shot, Menard missed a freeze attempt by throwing too much weight, leaving Millikin with a hit, followed by a draw for two by Menard to tie the game.

In the extra end, Australia had the hammer. Millikin made a very nice draw with his first stone, and Menard came up just a tad wide, leaving Australia with the win.

CurlTV is not showing Draw 4 this afternoon. But tonight it will be Canada vs. Scotland at 7pm EDT.


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