Sunday, March 25, 2007

Canada-Denmark 9th End - Canada is the Champion

Canada is naturally just trying to keep the end fairly clean, though there are now two Danish centre guards, after Canada fails to clear as planned. Denise DuPont puts a rock nicely behind those guards, and Scott has Schrader clear one of the guards (and her own rock, which does disappear).

Denmark put up another centre guard, very nicely, and Scott calls for a time-out.

Scott draws to the button but is open for Madeleine DuPont who bumps her own rock in the 8-foot. Scott has shot rock sitting behind two Danish rocks. Scott takes one in the end, missing a draw for two, but she leads sufficiently that Denmark concede.

Kelly Scott has her world championship, after lots of grief in her career. CBC say she is the first junior champion to win the World Championships. Well, things I did not know!