Monday, February 08, 2010

Sunday February 7 in Canadian Curling

The Scotties: I got home during the ninth end of the Team Canada-PEI match, and while I had my heart out to the underdog PEI, I found myself full of respect for Jennifer Jones' team's unwillingness to quit, and to fight back with a series of steals, as well as a very nice shot in an extra end to represent Canada again at the Worlds. It was very nice to see the PEI response - high-fiving, and to hear Kathy O'Rourke say that she was proud her team had done all they could.
I was very impressed with their very impressive call on the last rock in the tenth. It was gutsy, and only a fool would say it cost them the championship; they must have known an extra end with Jones having the hammer was not a great prospect.

The Ontario Tankard: One thing I failed to mention. Howard did not lose a single match. Of course Ontario is not Alberta, but still .....


At 2/08/2010 5:48 p.m., Blogger hooper said...

I had missed it the first time, but in her pre-match interview, O'Rourke did say that she very nearly retired last year. I would then expect her to retire once they find a suitable replacement for the rink, and for O'Rourke to move into a coaching role. She's obviously a terrific teacher.

I really hope this rink continues to show up big. Much like Gunnlaugson during the Roar, they gave us somebody completely new to learn and appreciate. Canada's 'next wave' is clearly beginning to emerge, with a few young teams breaking through.

Canadian curling will be in great shape when Martin, Howard, Scott, and Jones all retire.


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