Friday, March 25, 2011

Women's World's Page 1-2 - Early Ends

This should be fun, pitting two of the best-known women's teams in the world against one another (much better known than our Canadian representative, for example).
On one side we have Sweden's Annette Norberg rink, whose teams we have long known, not with the team we are used to, but she is still here. On the other China, who barely missed finishing 11-0; Russ Howard points out that they have stunningly good technique, and this should fit in with our stereotypical perceptions (it does with mine). The Chinese skip told TSN they could call her Betty, and I will follow that lead!
The nice story is that after her team disbanded. satisfied with their laurels, Norberg was invited by a young team that had lost one member. invited Norberg to skip for them. And here they are!

END #1: Omigod. Maybe it is just a bit fluky but the first four Chinese shots look perfect to me. (The scorers agree but Sweden is stepping up, and a China roll is not quite perfect. And a guard wreck. On first skip rock, Betty makes a great double. Norberg misses, hits and rolls out. Betty hits and rolls into the center and Norberg hits but the shooter sticks so she takes one.
SWE 1 - CHI 0

END #2: I just heard 'Hurry!' (emphasis on the second syllable)from Betty. Clearly coached by an old-timer. Late in the end mostly an exchange of hit and stays and hit and mild rolls. Betty clears the front of the house again with a double. Norberg throws a rock through an empty house, I suspect not deliberately. Betty does it deliberately.
SWE 1 - CHI 0

END #3: SWE third gets a fluky good result, with a front SWE rock guarding one now in the back eight-foot. CHI third clears the front rock, but miss the double. Norberg hits the remaining CHI rock and sticks to have two rocks in the house, widely separated. Betty just misses the double. Norberg splits the rings with her last rock. Betty hits and stays for her one.
SWE 1 - CHI 1

END #4: (Inappropriate comment: I really like the Swedish second's floral headband.) (And side comment: Betty does say 'Hurry, but I have heard it only once, and I suspect she just relies on Whoa and Yes unless she really feels the stress.) After a lot of pretty good shots, none quite what was wanted, Norberg makes a perfect hit and roll to center to take the one that was her best option.
SWE 2 - CHI 1

END #5: Early in the end China chooses a freeze over an easy double; it does not quite freeze but both Russ and Linda point out that Betty has learnt a lot about tactics with this choice. SWE surgically remove the shot through the gap between their own - very nice. After an exchange of hits and stays and hits and rolls, CHI miss a freeze. Norberg bumps off that rock in an attempted freeze. CHI wreck on a guard in their attempt to sit in a pocket. SWE hit and stay. CHI take one.
SWE 2 - CHI 2.

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