Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Draw #11: The Battle of the Unbeatens,

End 9. CA is up two with the hammer, a pretty good position. As I look back on the game, the first two ends have made the difference so far, with CA deucing in the 1st end and stealing in the 2nd. After that, it was all exchanges of ones, with one blank. Standard centre opening.

Oh, oh! There's only one game on the ice and the crowd has started doing the wave. I expect the crowd control police to eject them or at least tell them to stop any minute. Surely all that noise must be disturbing to the curlers.

They're on 3rd's stones and there are 4-5 alternating colour stones lined up on the centre line. Then with his second rock, Drummond draws to the top 4', next to their other rock there. Mead taps it back out of the rings and sticks. Can't tell what happened to Brewster's first; it looks as if he tapped Mead's through the rings. Then Stoughton tapped that one back through the rings. Beauty tap by Brewster removed the two CA rocks from the 4' and is now shot rock behind a CA guard. Stoughton makes a terrific double runback to score two. Scotland shakes hands. CA 7, SC 3.



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