Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Draw #11: The Battle of the Unbeatens,
the early ends, part II

End 5. There is a LOT of green in the crowd, but not quite as much as one would see at a RoughRider game. One reason, of course, is that some people are wearing red Team Canada garb.
Standard centre opening again. This time CA rocks are in front of the t-line. Andrews taps the rocks around a bit and leaves everything exposed. Mead taps out a SC rock, leaving three CA rocks in the 8', along with one SC rock. Drummond draws down in front of all those rocks, but still in the 8'. Mead removes one of each and sticks as a guard, leaving the SC rock exposed. Drummond doubles out the guard and one other CA rock and rolls over to guard the SC rock. CA is 1st and 2nd shot in the 4' but unguarded. Stoughton removes the guard and pushes the remaining SC rock to the back of the house. Brewster doubles off the two CA rocks. SC is 1-2 with rocks in top 8' and back 12'. Stoughton doubles them out, leaving only his shooter in the rings. Brewster blanks. CA 4, SC 1.

End 4.
I couldn't figure out for several draws why every once in awhile some fan would make a cock-a-doodle-doo sound. Finally tonight I got it: it's a Scot fan who does it whenever (well, often) it is Brewster's turn to throw his first rock. He shouted out, Brewster Rooster!

Standard centre-line opening, which makes for pretty exciting curling, as there are centre-line guards and rocks in the rings right from the start. Canada has a rock on the button and one in front of it; SC has three in front of those. Mead (vice, CA) deftly removes two of the SC rocks. That opens the way for Drummond to nearly freeze to the CA rock on the button. Mead slams into that, removing it AND the CA rock on the button. CA now has the house split. Brewster hits the open CA rock and rolls behind the guards, but just a bit too deep to be shot rock. Stoughton tries to draw to the button but is narrow and wrecks on the guard. The rocks in front of the button are lined up for what Linda Moore has called a jam sandwich, but once again Brewster opts to try to draw to the button but comes up a bit light again despite the best sweeping efforts of his front end. Stoughton has a difficult draw to the side of the 4' for two. I don't know.... measurement time. Scotland's rock is second shot. CA 4, SC 1.

Judging from the way the fans here react to the Scots fans, I'm surprised there isn't more singing and chanting by the Canadians, too.

End 3. Brewster wasn't just light on that draw attempt. He was short of the rings.
Standard corner opening. Canada's first rock drifted behind the button, and that will affect the general direction of the end, as Scotland froze to it smack dab on the button. And Carruthers flashed (missed) with his second shot. Mead froze to the SC rock on the button. Drummond (vice, SC) moved that one and removed the backing. Stoughton removed an SC rock, but SC is still shot. Brewster removes the CA rock that is 2nd shot to lie two. Stoughton doubles off those two, and Canada now has first and second shot with the rings almost split. With the hammer, Brewster draws down to the CA shot rock, almost bounces through, but scores one. CA 3, SC 1



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