Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Draw #13: Canada and Sweden, First Half

I made it to the arena toward the end of the 4th end. [digression: I stopped for a slice of pizza along the concourse before joining the media bench(es). The middle of an early end is a great time to visit the food concessions, if you don't mind missing the game --- there was no line-up!)

Sweden came into this afternoon's game with curling percentages that were roughly equivalent to those of Canada. As a result, every one in the CHRW sportscasting team was expecting a tightly fought game.

It started out that way: Sweden was forced to take only one point with the hammer in the first end. And after that the teams alternated scoring. The difference was that Canada scored 4 in the second end and 3 in the 4th end (I saw Stoughton's last shot, a terrific bump up through a maze of rocks, right after Edin missed his shot). Meanwhile, Sweden scored just one in the first end and two in the third end.

So after 4 ends, CA 7, SW 3. and in the fifth end, once again Canada put Sweden in position where Edin had no choice but to try to draw to salvage one point.

After five, CA 7, SW 4, and Canada will have the hammer starting the second half.



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