Thursday, April 07, 2011

Draw #15: Across the Sheets

Going into Draw 15, Canada has clinched the #1 ranking from the round robin. Scotland is the next closest team with a record of 7-2, vs. Canada's undefeated record of 9-0. Even if Canada loses both draws today, by virtue of their victory over Scotland, Canada would have the top spot.

So rather than focus on the Canada-China game, I'll be looking around, commenting on other games. In particular, the game between France and Scotland will have some importance: France is not guaranteed a place in the play-offs, and Scotland's ranking in the round robin is uncertain.

Meanwhile, on sheet C, after their two losses yesterday, Sweden is playing for survival into the playoffs with a record of only 5-4 now. They're playing Korea, who is out of the running for the playoffs. Similarly, on sheet D, Germany with 4 losses is still in the running for a playoff spot, and they are playing the winless Danes.

After the first end, the other three sheets blanked, and after a measurement, Canada took two against China (who, by the way, have not been eliminated yet).

I have never seen Lee, the skip from Korea, take his jacket off. Never. I asked their coach/translator about it, and he told me that Lee keeps it on because he doesn't sweep enough to keep warm. I'm sure he meant that reply as an explanation, not a jibe, but it came out sounding a bit funny.

It is clear that Jon Mead is back on his game (he seemed just a shade off earlier in the round robin). He just made one of his typical run-back doubles, the type of shot that used to seem amazing and now seems so commonplace for him.



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