Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Draw #13: Canada and Sweden, Second Half

Team Canada is curling up a storm. Steve Gould (lead, CA) may not be curling 100%, as he did last night against Scotland), but the entire team is curling 93%!! In the 6th end, Mead made a good run-back double, Edin didn't quite roll behind a guard the way he wanted to, and as a result Canada was able to score two more. CA 9, SW 4

Sweden scored two more in the 8th end, but it was at the far end of the ice, and I was finishing up some day-job things, so I missed how that end unfolded. CA 9, SW 6

Coming toward us in the 8th, it's the standard centre opening that Stoughton seems to favour (i.e. no corner guards). Sweden's draws from the second are a bit deep and wide, and Carruthers removes them, in the process doubling off a SW guard, too. Whoa! Stoughton just missed his shot. Sweden is now in a position to maybe force one, but it will still be difficult. Canada has two frozen in the top 8'to4', and Sweden has only one in the back 4'. Edin doubles off the two Canadian stones, and Sweden is lying two. Stoughton doubles those off to score one, and they shake hands. CA 10, SW 6



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