Thursday, April 07, 2011

Draw 17: Still Some Things to be Decided (1)

The outcomes of three of tonight's four games will affect who does or does not make the playoffs, which begin tomorrow. Switzerland, playing Korea, must win and hope for losses by both France and Norway to make a tie-breaker for the play-offs. If France defeats the US, France is guaranteed being in at least a tie-breaker; but if France loses, they also need Norway to lose to qualify for a tie-breaker. Norway is in the symmetrical position against Canada.

Unfortunately, the game between Canada and Norway is on Sheet D, meaning I won't see much of it at the far end. Argh. Oh well, you folks can probably see it better on tv anyway.

End 1: Korea splits the rings against Switzerland and is in a position to score two with the hammer, but SU hits and rolls forcing KO to take only one.
France has the house jammed full of their rocks, and the US will struggle to score even one with the hammer; indeed, FR steals one.

End 2: France is gaining position, but just as I type that, the US has a run-back triple to remove all the French stones. At skips' stones, there is a cluster of six rocks to the side of the rings. The US removes a bunch and is lying a doubtful two, but FR removes only one, with a thin double for two left for the US, but Fenson misses the shot: steal of another one by FR.

SU and KO have all six of their initial rocks in play with five clustered near the button and a KO guard out front. after a few more shots, there is no guard and six in the rings. Each shot nudges stones closer and closer to the pin. It's tight. SU shakes 'em up a bit but also opens up their own.
After more shake-ups, Lee draws frozen to a SU rock in the back 4'. Schwaller (SU skip) picks it out and scores 3.

But this is frickn ridiculous. I can't see a thing on Sheet D. I'm going to stop blogging and move to where I can see the action over there.



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