Thursday, April 07, 2011

Draw #16: Do Or Die? (Part III)
maybe just do or hope

Intermission time. Meanwhile I notice that several people on the media bench are watching The Masters (golf) on their laptops. Jon Mead (3rd, Canada) mentioned in one of his interviews that he, too, likes to watch the Masters; I wonder if that's what he is doing with their time off this afternoon.

The attendance model says there are 2000 fans in the audience. Maybe. But again there were no classes of school children here either this afternoon or this morning. I still don't understand why the schools weren't offered more aggressive promotional pricing. That would surely do as much for the sport as that guy who goes to out-of-the-way schools with fake curling games for them to play in their gymnasia.

I can't keep up the play-by-play on three sheets. But in the 6th end, CZ lies 3 with the hammer. And they end up scoring three to lead GE 7-3. Meanwhile Sweden steals yet another from Switzerland and leads that game 6-1 after 7. Unless there are some impressive recoveries, there is a reasonable chance GE and SU could slip to five losses; if they do, they will have to hope for the following:
  • a loss by Norway to China and/or Canada, and
  • a loss by France to the US
Don't hold your breath (but the US really is doing well against Scotland, leading 6-1 after 6 ends).

My how things change. A great shot by Kapp scores four for GE in the 7th end, tying their game with CZ. What a turn-around!

If both Sweden and Germany win, then all teams with 5 losses or more will be eliminated from tie-breaks or the playoffs.



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