Thursday, April 07, 2011

Draw #15: Across the Sheets, Part III

As the games are proceeding at different paces, it is no longer possible to describe the action on an end-by-end basis. So I won't do so much of that.

Denmark scored their deuce in the 4th end and leads Germany 2-1 (and is out-curling Germany in percentages as well). Will this be their first victory? The Danes have had leads in other games, too, though, and Andy Kapp is very good at snatching victories from the jaws of defeats.

Sweden had Korea in trouble with three in the rings and two guards out front, but Lee drew to the button to score one: Kor 3, Swe 1 after 4 ends.

Some fans have come with signs for each of the Canadian team players, much to the delight of the crowd. At one point Stoughton looked up at them, held his arms open as if to say, "Hey, what about me??" Then Mead patted him on the back in an exaggerated consoling gesture, and Stoughton faked a crying gesture. But on his own very good double take-out, the fans held up a sign for him, too. The signs, as I recall them
  • He can't be fooled, Steve Gould
  • There are no others like Carruthers
  • We have a need for Mead
  • No Doubtin' Jeff Stoughton
I want to add "Burma Shave", but I guess that'd be showing my age.

China and Germany each took two in their respective 5th ends. China curled very well that end, developing the split in the rings in such a manner that Canada couldn't double them off. CA 4, CH 3. ... and GE 3, DE 2.

On Sheet A, Brewster barely tapped a FR stone to score 2. SC 4, FR 1 after 5.

Between SW and KO, Edin tried a chip-out with his first rock but moved some SW rocks as well.
Korea tried to clog up the centre a bit and forced SW to draw for one. SW 3, KO 2 after 5.

Intermission and coffee time.



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