Thursday, April 07, 2011

Draw #15: Across the Sheets, Part IV

After a great start, Denmark is fading against Germany, as Germany stole 2 in the 6th end to lead 5-2. And after the 7th end, another steal by Germany. Also in the 6th end, Canada had a few "half-shots", leading to a situation in which the best Canada could do was blank the end. And Scotland deftly curled behind a guard against France, leaving FR with a thin chip out to blank the end, SC 4, FR 1.

Things are interesting, going to skips' stones between KO and SW with 3 SW and 4KO rocks gathered in the centre of the house. Lee (KO skip) tried to angle-raise-double to remove some of the SW rocks, but ended up leaving the SW rocks untouched, removing two KO rocks, and losing his shooter. That could have been the "shot of the game" as the skips each have one stone left to throw. Yup, Lee tried an impossible shot to get to the button and gave up a steal of 4. Sweden leads 6-3.

Mead just whiffed on an attempted tap-back, leaving China in a good position to steal or at least force one, especially after a delicate draw to the button on the first rock from Ji. With his last rock, Stoughton is forced to try to draw to the button to save one. CA 5, CH 3.

Scotland stole 2 from FR in the 7th, and FR conceded at 6-1. That loss drops FR back into a multi-team tie for 4th place in the round robin. It is now the case that every team that finishes with only 4 losses is guaranteed at least a tie-break spot for the play-offs.



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