Thursday, April 07, 2011

Woo-Hoo USA vs France sort of

I'm in a hotel in the US and the only way to follow any curling is on NBC's Universal Sports online service.
Judging from the last rock of the first end, this service would not be too bad, but for the particular way this hotel offfers its Internet service. I am not sure what the throttling mechanism is (I sort of understand why), but it predictably inserts a little pause every now and then, frequently just as a rock is entering the house. Whatever happens during the pause seems to be clipped.
Well it is a little better than nothing.
People who get this service in ten years would be outraged to learn it was ever this bad, and I find it tolerable! :-) Well, I know what I could get ten years ago. I'd have considered CurlCast a blessing.
Well, this will be solved tomorrow; I should be back in Regina, for the late part of any tiebreaker in the afternoon, and certainly for the Page 1-2.

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