Friday, March 25, 2011

Women's Worlds, Page 1-2 - Last Half

I must say I like both these teams. There have been very few total misses, and a lot of shots with VERY ambitious goals, mostly settling for something slightly less. But the score shows how good it has been so far.

Interesting fact put up on screen. Since 2005 the skips with the most World's wins are Betty and Norberg, in that order (51 vs 49).

END #6: Norberg hogs her last shot. Ouch. Steal of two for China.
CHI 4 - SWE 2.

That is really too bad. But given it is the Page 1-2, the loser will be back tomorrow! (That is the part of the Page 1-2 I like, though I also do not like it. :-) )

Linda wonders if she has ever seen Norberg have a hogline violation, especially on a hit.

END #7: Late in the end SSWE have three rocks in the four-foot. First crack at it CHI remove only one and it gets refreshed. Betty wrecks on guards with her first rock. The wreck has spread the guards a bit, so Norberg's guard effort come deep and into the four-foot, where there are now four SWE rocks. Betty goes nuclear on that rock and leaves SWE lying two. Norberg draws perfectly for her three.
SWE 5 - CHI 4

Great match.

END #8: SWE force China to take one, but she rolls too far on her hit and give Sweden a steal of one.
SWE 6 - CHI 4.

END #9: Betty gets her two.
CHI 6 - SWE 6.

END #10: SWE start with a perfect tick (which would not be in Canada). Then I missed many shots. CHI make a mistake that lets Oestlund clear the house of all rocks. Betty's only hope is to get behind Swedish guards out front. First shot does not curl so much as wanted, but 'virtually buried' says Russ Howard. Norberg hits it and loses the shooter. Betty goes to the back of the eight-foot. Norberg hits it!
SWE 7 - CHI 6

We'll see Sweden on Sunday and CHina tomorrow!



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