Saturday, March 26, 2011

World Women's Page 3-4

I wakened somewhere in the fifth end and am slowly coming to consciousness.
I saw Canada steal one for the lead in the fifth and Lene Nielsen just drew beautifully for the lead by one in the sixth end.

Amber Holland always seems so jolly.

END #7: CAN blank.

END #8: From early in the end Canada has two rocks in the house, open, hoping to avoid doubles. DEN not only miss their chances but keep offering more. Holland's first rock just barely makes the house. Nielsen leaves a hit and stay for Holland. They stick for two.

END #9: Nielsen leaves her first rock open; Holland hits and rolls almost into cover. Not enough - Nielsen makes a beautiful shot to get two.

END #10: I love Canadian locutions. "I'm not sure I like the draw", which means "Draw - no way", and "It's not awful", which means "Let's do that". Which turned out to be a bad idea. It turns out the not awful shot was awful and now Sweden sit two. Holland's first shot is a disaster, replacing a center guard with her own rock out in th path she needs to get to extra ends. Holland's desperate final shot goes to a measure. Extra end!

END #11: I wish I knew how to describe this last end. It was really weird and really great. Canada's skip without the hammer is throwing guards you know things are strange. Lene Nielsen needs genius or luck to prevail here on her last shot. She needs some bizarre angle raise. And when you have NOTHING else, you do that, perhaps on uncharted ice. The raise misses and Canad wins.

Yet another utterly enjoyable match for spectators.

Canada plays China in under two hours.



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