Friday, April 01, 2011

Occupations at the Men's World Championship

Following up on my observations at the Brier, I have been reading through the biographical material provided to the media, and I see something I did NOT see at the Brier!
Many of the players list their occupation as 'Curler'. I was not surprised by this being true of all members of the Chinese team, with China's focus on Olympic success. I was more surprised to see it true of all members of the Korean team; I guess I just don't know how much Olympic success is important to the Korean government.
It was a bit more of a surprise to see that the Swedish team are all curlers or icemakers or curling instructors, employed by the Swedish Olympic Committee. I did not think of them as so serious about sporting performance.
I was astonished to see it listed for one of the French team, but maybe he's a student; well, except he is 40 and does not seem to have curled in many championships. Maybe he is a tycoon.
One of the Norwegians is a Curling Instructor.
(On the other hand Uslrud owns a tanning salon; I imagine it could do some pretty good business in Norway, except for the four-day summer in July, which I experienced once.)
I suspect one reason we do not see this in Canada is that there is too much talent for any sporting bureaucracy to arbitrarily pick four (or five) players to be the country's professional curlers.



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