Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gold Medal Game, Canada vs Sweden - Ends 7 and 8.

This is turning into a stunningly good final!
Which does not mean all the shots are good.

END #7
: This end was not in your chess curling opening book. Weirdly, all of the play has been out in the twelve-foot, 9 o'clock from the hack. Holland is the first to roll into the center. Norberg's shooter rolls out on her first shot. Norberg repeats her first end mistake and stays.
CAN 4 - SWE 4

: Russ Howard calls the Swedish play a 'veteran move'. The are in thouse behind thrie guard and Canada has a shot in th house behind a corner guard. Tammy Schneider blasts the SWE guards away. SWE reinsert one very nicely. Tammy leaves SWE lying one but Canada has all the rocks out front. SWE get one to the front but barely.
Kim Schneider makes a great runback into cover. SWE wreck on guards. Kim S draws into the house and Canada lie two. Norberg, utterly brilliantly, with no sweeping, freezes onto it, though Canada remains shot. Holland comes up short on her attempt to do the same. Norberg blocks that path. Holland tries a double-tap, and almost make it! Insane, and in the end ineffective.
CAN 5 - SWE 4

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