Saturday, March 26, 2011

Semi-Final, Canada and China, second half

China took one in the sixth, so we enter the seventh with Canada ahead 4-3.

END #7: Holland asks Kim Schneider to bury in the house. She gets nicely behind cover, is a bit deep (top four-foot so not bad at all). Betty follows Kim in for a freeze, but bounces open instead. Holland hits and rolls away nicely. Betty does manage to come in on top of the Schneider rock. Holland draws to the button for two!
CAN 6 - CHI 3.

END #8: Betty is clearly shoutinbg "Hurry!". This end is a comedy of errors, with whiffs, and shots that are short and off-line. In the end it all cancels out and China blank.

END #9: A bad Kin Schneider miss leaves China sitting one, but they whiff. On her second chance, Schneider clears away the Chinese rock. Holland hits and stays in the front twelve-foot on the open side. Betty draws nicely into the four-foot. Holland's runback misses. Betty's draw needs a lot of sweeping help but makes it.
CAN 6 - CHI 5

END #10: Just a general comment - Kalenchuk has been amazing the last couple of games. She just did a perfect tick on a China guard. And later Tammy Schneider, struggling much of the day with such shots, hits a perfect double peel. It has been mostly a guard and peel exercise, with the peels finally prevailing. Betty makes a great draw to the back four-foot behind a Canadian rock. Holland runs Kelenchuk's first(!) rock onto Betty's, with both removed and the shooter staying. Betty makes another great draw behind that shooter. Holland hits to win.

Canada moves to tomorrow morning(here)'s final against Sweden.

To be honest, I am astonished. I never expected them to get here. And I love it, less because I am Canadian than because I like the sunny personality she has shown throughout. My guess is also that Betty is pretty sunny (given that she told TSN they could call her Betty) but I have not seen so much of it.



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