Saturday, March 26, 2011

Semi-Final: Canada and China, first half

Geez, I was distracted and missed the first two ends. China scored two with the hammer in the first end, and Canada blanked the 2nd end. Canada has survived so many close, tough situations, and was very lucky there was one big miss by China in their game in the Round Robin, enabling Canada to win that game.

It must be tough to go back out to play so soon after an 11 end game won by a steal of three against Denmark.

As I wrote to Ms. Eclectic at the beginning of the week, I watched the Canadian team in their path to victory in the Saskatchewan play-downs. They struggled early on, but eked out the victory over that week. It looks as if they're following a similar pattern at the Worlds.

End #3: For all her misses this week, Kim Schneider made a fantastic hit, flop, freeze with her first shot, but her second shot came up short. China peels that rock. China peeled Holland's rock, leaving Holland with a nose tap to score two, but it didn't curl enough, and she lost the shooter, scoring only 1. China 2, Canada 1

End #4: The end seems to involve lots of sort-of misses. Tammy Schneider hits, but doesn't roll behind a guard, China misses a couple of shots, Canada misses setting up a guard. The curling percentages must not be great this end. Betty [see the 2nd comment] (Ch Skip) tried a double that jammed, so Holland (Cda Skip) put up a guard, protecting shot rock. Betty is forced to choose between drawing to the button for one or drawing through a small-ish port to hit for two. She opts for the latter. She made it through the port, but her shooter rolled out too far and the Canada rock remained shot for a steal of one. China 2, Canada 2

End #5:
China retains the hammer for this end and chooses to play it wide-open. No guards, lots of hit/stick shots. It looks as if China is taking the end to regroup and recover emotionally from the steal, but that seems like an overly dramatic take on their choice, so I can't believe it's right. But suddenly things change dramatically Nice draw into the rings by China's 3rd, well behind guards. But after Kim Schneider barely makes it to shot, China's 3rd rubbed on a guard, leaving Canada shot and behind cover. Holland tries a tap back but splits Canada's rocks to lie 1-2. Betty wrecks on a guard. Holland guards against a double tap, but leaves a slight hole for Betty to try to draw through. She does but is too heavy and Canada steals two more!
China 2, Canada 4



At 3/26/2011 10:52 a.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

The first end score is a great piece of luck in a way for Canada as Holland had to make a great last rock shot to hold China to two.

At 3/26/2011 11:06 a.m., Blogger Alan Adamson said...

I think you should do as I did and follow the lead of referring to BingYu Wang as Betty, as she told TSN was just fine.


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