Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gold Medal Game, Canada vs Sweden - Ends 3 and 4.

I am less sold than Doc on statistical anlyses (hey I am a mathematician and Doc is an economist but I also think this should be close). The first two ends have sure lived up to this, as Norberg took a one she did not want and Canada blanked.

END #3: I wish I knew how to describe these opening patterns as they do in Chess. I could say this is the Alberta opening, or the like, as there really a)re few of them being used now. Much is, of course, in the execution, unlike in the more binary chess.
SWE center guard, CAN bump it rather than go around (what they meant). SWE put another on top of theirs. CAN hit their own and put a SWE rock into the twelve-foot wide. (9 o'clock looking into the house from the hack.) SWE toss another rock into the house, and they now lie three. CAN remove one, I am not sure why. SWE draw attempt crashes and sits as another front biter. CAN punch it out. SWE punch it out! Kim Schneider's first shot does little. SWE is the first team to come by the center guards and Oestlund puts a covered rock on the button. CAN clears the guards, but SWE still sits three. Norberg puts up a beautiful guard, center line in front of the house. Holland makes what she wanted, a runback, clearing the house, but it leaves her shooter as a center guard. Norberg brilliantly draws to the feight-foot. Holland, always chipper, says, "All righty". Her draw misses very slightly and Sweden steal one.
SWE 2 - CAN 0

END #4: Tammy Schneider misses on a major hit and Sweden pile up rocks in the house. For some reason I do not remotely get the coach comes out. Like, why would you twenty-somethings question Norberg? And so after such long discussion they just wreck on a guard. Tammy Schneider at least makes it into the house but rolls out. SWE then come up ridiculously short. What is going on? Kim Schneider gets a rock into the house. SWE runback attempt leaves CAN rock lying one, and no SWE rocks in the house, This end is a comedy of errors. CAN draw comes up way short, as the errors continue. Norberg plays safe, hitting the Canada rock, losing the shooter. Holland makes an utterly brilliant split and now Canada lie two, with both rocks buried. Really incredibly good! Norberg misses utterly on her attempt to clean things up and now Holland has free shopping for three. Which she takes.
CAN 3 - SWE 2



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