Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gold Medal Game, Canada vs. Sweden:
Ends 1 and 2

As I wrote in the previous post, this game should be a close one. Canada has exhibited some statistical advantages and so has Sweden. So here we go:

End #1: Kalenchuk's [lead, Canada] first rock drifts to the back of the rings, which puts Canada at a slight disadvantage. Carlsson [2nd, Sweden] doubles off two Canadian rocks in the rings. That is followed by a series of hit-and-sticks as both teams try to hit and roll behind the centre-line guard, but none can quite get behind cover. Holland's shooter rolls out on her first shot, allowing Norberg [skip, Sweden] an opportunity to draw around the centre-line guard, but is left partially open as that side of the ice seems quite straight. Holland's last shot removes the Swedish stone, and her shooter is barely biting at the back. Norberg hits but rolls into the rings and takes one.
Canada 0, Sweden 1

End #2:
Canada's initial corner guard is long, Sweden rocks are lined up just off the centre-line, and Canada removes one while moving the other off the centre. After some peels, Sweden is left with one rock in the rings and no guards. A continuing series of guard/peel. Oslund [3rd, Sweden] leaves the rings with just one Swedish rock and no guards, so there will be a series of hit-and-stick, with Canada trying to blank the end. And does.
Canada 0, Sweden 1



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