Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gold Medal Game, Canada vs. Sweden:

Just to make clear: I see the statistics for the players and teams as indicative but not compelling. In stat-speak, and something I tried to say differently in my earlier postings, there's a pretty big variance around the averages, meaning pretty much anything can happen in any game or end. As I said, the stats are indicative of what might happen, and obviously I love looking at the stats, but the variance is just too high to have much confidence in using the stats to make predictions. In stat speak, the confidence intervals are pretty large.

Let me also note that the statistics for this game are consistent with the observations that Alan and I have been making. There seemed to have been a lot of misses, and the curling percentages are 68% for Sweden, and 71% for Canada. Both leads are curling only in the 70s, and the middles are all in the 60s!

So after all the action so far, Canada and Sweden are tied, but now Canada has the hammer.

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