Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gold Medal Game, Canada vs. Sweden:
End 6

Centre top 4' and centre to 12' for Sweden, a standard opening, as Canada puts up a corner guard. Perhaps, following up on Alan's suggestion, we can refer to this as the "standard-centre-corner" opening, but that's almost too many words to make it useful. But eventually we could maybe abbreviate it SCC opening. Fun to contemplate.

Perfect freeze by Kim Schneider (3rd, Canada) to a Swedish rock in the back 4'. Ostlund hits it and drives the backing out of the rings, rolling her shooter to the side. Norberg hits but rolls a bit, leaving a draw for Holland to lie two, but one is behind the t-line. Norberg chooses to try a hit-and-roll rather than a freeze to the back rock as a way to force Canada to take only one. But she stays open, leaving a hit for two, but her shooter rolls too far, and Canada scores only one. A serious miss.
Canada 4, Sweden 3.



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