Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gold Medal Game, Canada vs. Sweden: 9th End

So in both the 6th and the 8th ends, Holland has missed her shots slightly and ended up taking only one. These are big misses. Sweden has the hammer in the 9th end and will likely attempt to blank it. Let's see how it unfolds.

End #9: For some reason, it doesn't look as if Sweden is trying to blank, but Canada ends up with two guards near the centre line. Norberg can't try to double them off (free guard zone rule), but instead asks the lead to draw around them. The draw is to the back 4', so Tammy Schneider tries to freeze to it, but bumps it back a few inches. Carlsson's first shot is wide and a bit heavy, drifting to the back 12'. Tammy Schneider tries to nose freeze to her own rock in the top 4', but leaves a double possibility for Carlsson, but she jams. That shot could have really turned the end in Sweden's favour.

Now it's Kim Schneider's turn to try to freeze, but is a tad light. Canada has a rock on the button, Sweden is 2nd shot top 4', and Canada is almost with it. Ostlund tries a run back, but sort of misses, leaving Canada with two shots biting the button. I'm not quite sure why Holland wouldn't freeze to their own rock that is on the back of the button. Schneider likes that option, too, but Russ prefers a guard. They go for the freeze attempt; Russ says it must be perfect or the end is lost. It looks pretty good, but not completely locked in there. Canada is lying three.

Ostlund throws some heat, removing the back Canada rock and moving another to the side 8'. Rather than remove the Swedish rock, Holland freezes to it, making it really hard for Norberg to remove the Canadian shot rock. Norberg rattles the rocks gently, but leaves a hit and stick for four by Holland, which will make life pretty difficult for Sweden. But the shooter rolls over a bit, so Norberg has a straight draw to the button (with backing) to salvage one.

Canada 5, Sweden 5



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