Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gold Medal Game, Canada vs. Sweden: Conclusion

I wrote so much about the 9th end, I decided to split the postings again.

Canada has an advantage coming home. The score is tied and Canada has the last rock. I expect them to play this last end wide open, if possible, to leave an easy hit and stick or draw for Holland with her last rock. So here we go:

End #10: Certainly not a standard opening. Very long guard from Sweden, and Canada tries to draw around it, leaving it short of the rings. Kalenchuk's second shot is a good draw to the top 4'.

Now Canada goes after the guards, but leaves a long corner and jams. And Tammy Schneider flashes on her next shot. Big advantage for Sweden now, but to everyone's amazement, Norberg essentially peels a guard. Then Kim Schneider jams and removes a Canadian rock from the rings.

There are two Swedish rocks in the rings and three Swedish guards. So many mistakes by Canada. Are the wheels falling off?

Skips' stones: Norberg guards their shot rock in the top 4'. Holland removes one guard and moves another one into the rings, leaving the draw path open. Norberg tries another guard, but leaves a good-sized port for Holland. She needs to draw to the 4' for the win but she's light, so Sweden wins.

A tough loss for Canada with all the missed shots in the last end, but a good steal for Sweden.

Sweden 7, Canada 5 for the gold.



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